Wall Mirrors

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An entire mirrored wall can add a touch of elegance to any part of your home or office space. If you are re-decorating a room, consider using mirrors to enhance, brighten and enlarge your room. Our stock mirrors are available in a variety of colors and finishes. The standard mirror colors are clear, bronze, gray, and black and our specialty mirror colors are frosted, acid etched, antique gold, gold vein, gold dot, light cloudy, heavy cloudy, venetian, pink, peach, green and blue.

  • Triple Stack Beveled Mirror
  • Decorative Frosted Mirror
  • Decorative Wave Mirrors
  • Peach Bathroom Mirror
  • Custom Mirror Design
  • Wall Mirror 12
  • Wall Mirror 11
  • Wall Mirror 10
  • Wall Mirror 9
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Decorative Mirrors

Decorative framed mirrors fill our showroom walls! We also carry framed and beveled mirrors with backings, which are easy to hang. Our showroom has it all from bathroom mirrors, to wall mirrors, antique mirrors, venetian mirrors and so much more. We can customize shape, color and size! Custom beveled mirrors are available to order with a ½” bevel up to a 1 ½” bevel to add a finished well-designed look. If you don’t see anything you like, we can design a mirror just for you, add a frosted design or just simply order one chosen by you from one of our catalogues.

  • Shaped Mirror
  • Shaped Mirror
  • Shaped Mirror - Felicie Oval
  • Shaped Mirror - Pavilion
  • Shaped Mirror - Florentia
  • Shaped Mirror - Maura
  • Shaped Mirror - Ermando
  • Shaped Mirror - Custom
  • Shaped Mirror
  • Shaped Mirror

Product Gallery

  • Mirror
  • Frameless Shower
  • Stained Glass
  • Shower Door
  • Mirror
  • Mirror Closets
  • Framed Shower Glass
  • Mirror
  • Framed Shower Glass
  • Mirror Wall
  • Sandblasted Glass
  • Framed Shower Glass